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ANSTI Conference Grants

ANSTI Conference Grants    

Senior Academic staff of ANSTI member institutions can benefit from conference grants to attend international conferences where they will present papers. The grants (not more than $2500) cover international travels and in some cases subsistence allowance.

Application Documents
Applicants for the conference grant should send their application with the following document to the ANSTI Secretariat:

Curriculum vitae (C.V.)
An Abstract of paper to be presented
An invitation letter from conference organizers.
A letter confirming acceptance of paper to be presented

ANSTI does not take responsibility for the identification of conferences for the applicant

There is no deadline for submission of applications, but applications should be submitted at least three (3) months prior to he date of conference.

How to apply

The ANSTI Secretariat shall soon be announcing the next dates when the applications for 2014 are open.