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Africa-Asia Consultation on Sustainability Science post 2015

Over 35 delegates in Science are expected to converge in Harare for a two day consultation meeting on Africa – Asia Consultation on Sustainability Science post 2015 on 4 March, 2015. 

Prof. Hubert Gijzen
Regional Director and Representative
Dr. Peggy Oti-Boateng
Senior Programme Specialist (Science)

UNESCO in collaboration with its partners will engage high-level experts in science, engineering, technology and innovation in and out of Africa to serve as a ‘think tank’ to deliberate on the SDGs and identify a niche and emerging areas for sustainability science for Africa’s economic, social and technological resurgence

The two-day meeting of African experts will be streamed live to selected universities and development partners. The African experts will
also serve as the African panel for Africa-Asia panel to discuss sustainability Science (SuS) in post 2015.

The post 2015 sustainable development agenda reiterates the importance of STI for sustainable economic development and shared prosperity. However, evidence abounds
that many countries have not embraced the importance of sustainability science for its economic development.

The specific objectives of the consultation are:
• Identify eminent African experts in SETI, decision/policy making, civil society and social scientists to serve as a think tank to identify niche areas for Africa’s capacity development in readiness for SGDs.
• Link up with experts in Asia to share ideas and develop partnerships for promotion of sustainability science post 2015.
• Develop strategic actions and foresight plans for enhancing sustainability science for Africa’s development including live- laboratories/sustainability science hubs
• Monitor and evaluate trends in Africa to advise governments on effective utilisation of its natural and human resources for value addition.
• Inform national and regional development policies and plans to enhance sustainable development

There will be follow up meetings with experts and other stakeholders on identified areas of partnership and research which will be jointly implemented.